The Perfect Place to Raise a Family in the Bay Area!



Imagine unadulterated natural beauty i.e. huge redwood forests and lavish green open space surrounded by wild unblemished beaches, charming little towns, and a moderate weather! Feel free to read more on .


We are talking Marin County obviously. It is often gone to by bird-watchers, professional photographers, tourists, and hikers from all over the world, and they only concern marvel at its abundance of natural beauty.


Lots of Communities, Even More Lifestyles!


Marin County is divided into 4 regions, particularly the South, Central, North, and West Marin And there are an overall of 11 cities in Marin that are included. There are various unincorporated ones!


Platform, Mill Valley, and Tiburon are the most affluent neighborhoods, and houses here can cost you as much as $20 million. Other cities consist of Corte Medera, Kentfield, Farifax and San Rafael. However if you are lovely little town type of person, then there is Novato, the only city in North Marin.


No matter where you decide to live in Marin, you will get unparalleled way of life amenities, security, safety, and comfort like no one else.


A Leisurely Living Pace Awaits You in Marin.


There are some terrific sluggish growth policies in Marin County. And of course there are some outstanding buying locations for the designer mindful as well as great dining restaurants offering some of the world's finest foods right at home in Marin.


All these consider making Marin County one of the most livable places in America.


The Best Education in Marin County Schools


The schools have a track record of excellence that they handle to promote year after year. Students here have a few of the highest SAT ratings in the nation, i.e. well above the state and nationwide average ratings. Schools have a lot of funds to make sure efficient and appealing education for all their students. There are a total of 19 public school districts here, each of them has its board of trustees and access to local as well as state funding.


Marin County Homes: Ensure A Luxurious Lifestyle!


Yes, these houses have the greatest prices in the country. Think about it, a 3rd of Marin County is simply rich green open space with stringent anti-development laws. This indicates that there are very few places to live here while the need is quite high keeping in view the amazing lifestyle and luxury houses available by Marin.


To top it off, Marin realty wasn't much influenced by the recent housing crisis either. The costs here have stayed basically continuous regardless of what has actually taken place in the nationwide housing market. Marin County enjoys mild weather condition year round with temperatures varying from 40 to 80 degrees typically.


Latest thing!


Marin County Real Estate guarantees a terrific way of life and for that reason brings in a highly educated group of people from diverse yet affluent backgrounds. A bulk of the citizens here are households' planning to live a peaceful and content life here.